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Welcome To Laser Eye Detailing

30 Lees way, East Fishkill, New York 12533

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About Us

Laser Eye Detailing is a small detailing business located in East Fishkill New York. Our #1 priority is our customers and their car. We pay attention to every detail and hold ourselves to the same standard our customers do and will get your car looking brand new.

Monthly Plan 

Coming Soon!!!!

Let Us Know If You Are a First Responder or Veteran and Receive 10% Off 

Note: Price varies based off of car 

Full Exterior:

1) Full foam wash
2) Small surface scuff
s and scratches
3) Waxing 
4) 1 month lasting ceramic coating 

5) Wheels and wheel wells 

(Tire Dressing Included)

6) Outside windows 

7) Engine Bay 

8) Undercarriage 

Full Interior:

1) Blowout & Vacuum 

2) Stain attacks (carpet/mat extractions + plastic & leather steaming)

3) Thorough wipe down with smell remover 

4) All interior glass as well as screens and clusters 

Other Add-Ons:

1)  Headlight Buff $20

2) New Car Smell $5

3) Tint Remover $60

4) Transformation video requests (Coming Soon)


Emblem Blackout 

Manufacturer badging is notorious for trapping wax, which is difficult to remove from small crevices. Allow us to plasti-dip and it will last a long time and look great!!! 

Window Tinting 

Coming soon!!!

Paint Correction 

Coming soon!!!


Laser Eye Club

Get The Whole Family

{Bundles} All bundles include free new car smell if requested 

Family Best

Get The Whole Family Cleaned:

Duo's Package: Get two cars looking Brand New with full detailing $200-$500

Triple Wash: Three Vehicles fully detailed in and out $600-$850

Spotless 4: Four cars thoroughly detailed and made dealership quality $900-$1000


Coming Soon!!!

Grand Package: Five cars cleaned inside and out including engine bay and undercarriage cleaning $1100-$1250

Hours & Locations

We run a flexible schedule for the convenience of our audience and customers!!



30 Lees Way, East Fishkill, New York, 12533, USA



Mon - Fri



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